Shillong, at an altitude of 1966 metre, the capital of Meghalaya is often referred to as Scotland of the East for its undiluted beauty. The groove of pine trees along the road and swishing of the winds overwhelm one’s imagination. 

Places interests in Shillong:


Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures aka Don Bosco Museum is one of the best places to learn about the rich and vibrant culture and history of the northeast. A seven-storied theme museum is a depository a wide collection of regional artwork, attires, accoutrements, handicrafts, ornaments, photographs and weapons form the entireregion. 

Besides, the museum hostson its topmoststorey some select dance performances will either make your feet tap onthe floor or in your imagination, let Global Connection Siliguri assure you. Situated onthe Sacred Heart Church premises, the museum remains open Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 4.30 pm in winter and till 5.30 pm in summer. 

The highest mountain peak of Meghalaya, which gives a delightful bird’s eye view of Shillong town, is just 10-km away from the city hub. It is at an altitude of 1,966 metre above the sea level. A radar station of the Indian Air Force is housed on this peak. In the honour of the local deity Leishyllong, a ritual is performed in every spring to save the city from evils.

A unique kind of waterfalls referred to as KaKshaid Lai PatengKhohsiew (or “Three Steps Waterfalls”) by local Khasi people, Elephant Falls consists of three sections in succession. The British named the falls as Elephant Falls after a rock to the left of the main fall that resembles an elephant. Located 2-km from Shillong Peak, the falls are connected through foot-bridges as well as staircases to hop from one fall to another. The milky-white water jumping over the jutting rocks with lush green surrounding will surely make it a memorable experience with Global Connection Siliguri planning your sightseeing for the best. 

Umiam Lake is an artificial lake built in 1960 by making a dam on Umiamriver. The waterside area of this lake stretches more than 220 sq km with a pleasing scenic beauty which attracts the tourists. It is 17 km from Shillonglying next to the highway to Guwahati. This is afascinating spot for water sports lovers. Kayaking, boating, water scooting facilities are available by water sports complex at Umiam Lake.

The Canyons are perched on the top of East KhasiHills some 23-km from Shillongis the point from where one can catch the best glimpses of Meghalaya’s landscapes. This is a perfect place for trekking. The climb is exerting but is worth it. Standing on the Laitlum Canyon gives the feel of having reached the end of the globe. 

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