Sacred Forest of Mawphlang

Ever heard of a forest from where you cannot bring anything even a leaf? There are no guards to stop you and yet, you will never be successful! It’s the Sacred Forest of Mawphlang, located some 26-km off Shillong. 

Among the many legends in circulation, one is that in 1970 an Indian Army troop tried to take out dead tree logs from this forest but they could not leave as the truck refused to start.

The Sacred Forest is spread across a 78 hectares area. The Lyngdoh clan of people believe that their revered deity protects the groove. Another interesting fact about the forest is the deity controls the selection of the village king. Though the village king, who is chosen through a democratic election, gets recognition only and when the deity is happy. If the deity is happy with chosen one, the sun will shine on the day of his anointment, else it will rain. 

During your visit, you have to follow some rules, and for this you will need assistance from Global Connection . 

Your entry to this Sacred Groove will be via a green tunnel, formed by green branches. Once you are inside, you will be bewildered by its natural beauty~ lush greenery, rare flower species, orchids, theluxuriant foliage of ferns, pipers and aroid. Verdant grasslands are present around this guarded woodland, forming a striking contrast with the vegetation.  The lily cobra is one of the peculiar plants found in this forest looks like a head of the cobra.  


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