Amit Ray, a solo traveler from Calcutta, was negotiating a bend in the narrow hilly road enveloped in a mist that his car dashes onto another car ascending from the opposite. Thankfully, it was not an intense collision and thus, steppe out unhurt from the car a slim-built Labannya, kicking off a classic romance that still keeps ringing inthe hearts of readers even after nine decades since the accident happened.

Any fan of Rabindranath Tagore will know that this is a scene from his famous novel ‘ShesherKobita’ and the spot is Shillong inpicturesque Meghalaya. 
Barring that Meghalaya is not a part of Assam anymore, rather is a full-fledged state, neither the mystic charm nor the unspoiled beauty of Shillong or the rest of Meghalayahas decayed even a bit in all these years. 

The mist covered serene hilly roads, the caves, the waterfalls, and a whole lot of things are all waiting for many more romantic encounters to happen.

Meghalayahas the wettest place in the world. Is home to thecleanest village in Asia.Here flows one of the cleanestrivers on the earth. It also has a rare and unique tradition of matrilinealsystem, wherefamily lineage and property inheritance are rested onthe girl child, not a boy.

Blessed with a moderate climate all through the year, one can embark on a sojourn to Meghalaya any time with Global Connection Siliguri taking care of all travel and logistics. There are a host of places to see and relish in Meghalaya. 

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